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Methyl Esters


TIRUPATI's innovation led strategy has helped it to develop a technology to produce various Methyl Esters and Specialty Esters with a wide range of industrial applications. These are an Eco-friendly substitute for many Petroleum based products, the usage of which results in reduction of pollution levels and contributes positively to the environment and economy with many indirect benefits.

Biodiesel is one such application of Methyl Esters and is marketed under the brand BIOWIN™.
TIRUPATI's range of Methyl Esters Include:
  • Methyl Ester of Groundnut Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Palm Kernel Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Ricebran Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Sunflower Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Coconut Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Castor Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Palm Oil
  • Methyl Ester of Soyabean Oil
TIRUPATI's range of High Purity Specialty Esters Include:
  • Methyl Caprylate
  • Methyl Laurate
  • Methyl Linolenate
  • Methyl Palmitate
  • Methyl Oleate

All of TIRUPATI's Methyl Esters and Specialty Esters are available in various grades and can be customized to the specific requirements of the customer.



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